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Drill-beads is an environmentally safe drilling fluids additive comprised of highly crush-resistant ceramic beads that improve sliding ability. drill-beads extends lateral drilling capability when used during drilling, reduces torque and drag in deviated wells, and reduces the drag created by closer tolerances when used while running casing and/or drilling liners.


Drill-Lube HT is an engineered blend of esters and synthetics designed for use in downhole drilling applications where problems associated with torque and high-temperature environments exist.


This high efficiency lubricant is composed of highly active film-forming lubricants and surfactants, DLHE increases ROP and reduces torque in extended reach laterals at concentrations as low as 0.5% by volume.

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DRILL-LUBE SS is a concentrated blend of film-forming lubricants and surfactants formulated for use in high brine water based drilling fluids.


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