The next generation in pipeline drag reducing agents (DRA’s)…

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Rheonic DRA is a complex proprietary blend of organic hydrocarbons used to help reduce drag, lower back pressure, and increase flow in crude oil pipelines. Friction in the system is greatly minimized due to Rheonic DRA forming micelles in crude oil, resulting in wall layer modifications. The result is an ideal pro laminar flow condition in the pipeline with major flow increase, drag reduction, and drastically improved throughput.

Product Advantages

  • Does NOT sheer degrade where other conventional DRA’s do.

  • SINGLE injection point due to the lack of sheer degradation.

  • Flow rate increases in excess of 50% with existing assets.

  • Up to 80% drag reduction.

  • Drastically Improve Throughput.

  • No special pump equipment needed.

  • Less maintenance and downtime to perform line cleaning (pigging) due to its ability to remove paraffin and heavy hydrocarbon buildup.



  • Typical Dosage Rate: 50-150 ppm (depending on flow volume and line restriction)

  • It is ideal to begin at lower injection rates and increase slowly for full system saturation.

  • Rheonic DRA is applicable to ALL crude oil pipelines

  • Highly effective at increasing throughput on lines where heavy paraffin buildup occurs.

  • Rheonic DRA’s chemistry naturally dissolves these paraffin deposits, while reducing energy loss due to turbulent flow properties.

  • Outstanding solvency and compatibility due to organic structure.

  • Alternative to typical long chain polymer products that cannot be used or are ineffective.

  • Applied by injecting Rheonic DRA neat into the flowing stream of crude, upstream of any flow restrictions.


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