DrillChem provides the highest quality products, supported by our unmatched service, to save our customers time and money in their operations. Our proprietary products are produced locally, and formulated by a team of industry professionals with more than 35 years experience. All of our products undergo the most rigorous vetting process, including extensive lab and field testing, to assure that only the highest quality materials are delivered to our customers.



F.I.T. is designed to be retained in mud systems with minimal impact on the fluid’s flow properties. Its particle size range is perfect for sealing depleted sands and microfractures, both natural and induced, with low to moderate permeability.


Drill-Seal is a blend of granules, flakes, fibers, and polymers. These deformable and compressible particles conform to the shape of pores and fractures to provide a bridge and a primary seal against loss of water-based mud, oil-based mud, and synthetic base fluids.


Specially designed for pill and sweep applications where retention of LCM in the mud system is not desired, first strike has a mid-range particle size engineered to seal depleted sands and fractured formations with moderate to high permeability.


The all-new combat combines high-strength granular particles with sized bridging materials. This product is specially formulated to provide operators with a high-performance sealant designed for use in highly fractured and vugular formations.


An extremely versatile high solids, high fluid loss squeeze material, blockade has applications in traditional squeezes, as well as our proprietary “Soft Squeeze” techniques. Once de-watered, blockade forms a high compressive strength, cement-like matrix.


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