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Mission Statement

To be the leading integrated specialty chemical provider to the Oil and Gas, Water Treatment, Metalworking, and lubricants markets.


Vision Statement

To provide specialty chemicals and value added services which create solutions for our customers.

To inspire a dynamic, fun work environment defined by our culture and work ethic.”

Team DrillChem

  • Ambition. Drive. Integrity. These are the principles embodied by Team DrillChem. We are a dynamic group of performance-driven professionals culled from the best our industry has to offer. Team DrillChem is the heart and soul of our organization and truly what makes our company great.

  • Check out our LinkedIn page for current open positions. We are always looking for new team members to further our conquest.

Commitment to Safety

At DrillChem, we are committed to protecting the health and safety of our personnel and visitors as well as protecting the environment during all phases of our operations. We must ensure our operations comply with government legislation and applicable industry standards to protect the health, safety and environment (HSE) as well as the public. DrillChem strongly believes that HSE issues can be prevented, identified and managed. The safety of our personnel, visitors and the environment is our main concern. We are pleased with our safety record and strive to improve our safety practices through the continuous monitoring of compliance for improvement. DrillChem is proud to say that all of our products are HSE-friendly — nontoxic, non-polluting and HSE compliant.